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Doesn’t really work on my Mac

Crashes everything and it wouldn’t even let me turn it off, had to delete it completely.

Did not work

I bought this because I was unable to redirect email links from opening in Gmail rather than T-bird. Installed it, changed default to OpenWith, chose OpenWith from Mail’s preferences, restarted Safari. OpenWith did nothing….blinked on, blinked off. Test email blinked on, blinked off. No help from OpenWith menu, no preferences there. Five bucks is five bucks, the thing should work from the get-go. No response from their support site. I’m not a newbie; check around for another app before spending your money on this.

Makes my life easier!

I always go to click on emails in safari and they always open up in Mail which is clogged and slows down my laptop. Using this, I have eliminated that and can directly respond to emails as it directs me to gmail to email the email! Kudos to the developers!

Love IT

This app is absolutely fantastic. I am gald I stumpled upon it. Sometimes when I reading emails, or even browsing the web some links in particular wont open with certain browsers and its a pain haveing to close one and opening it in another. Open with has officially made my life easier!

Nice little productivity tool

This is a gem for modern mac users who deal with multiple browsers. Very well designed.


This app looks well-designed and I'd like to use it, but trying to open browser links is causing it to crash in Mac OS 10.13.3. :( I hope this gets an update because I could really use something like this.



Tiny tool that is super useful for gmail

I use gmail as my primary mail account and this app makes it easy to open mailto links directly with Gmail. Having an option to pick which browser too is an icing on the cake. Well worth the money!

Useful for anyone that works with multiple browsers

I use chrome as my default browser but regularly use firefox for specific sites (multiple acounts etc) and Open With works great for this. The UI itself is pretty minimal but extremely well designed.

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